Healthier Homes

The home environment can be a major contributor to health problems. It seems the more comfortable we make our homes by insulating, carpeting, furnishing and sealing off from the outside world – as well as bringing pets into the home – the more we create health hazards.

Laboratory tests show that foams, fibres and fabrics protected with Ultra-Fresh® at the manufacturing stage, provide effective control of house dust mites as well as the growth of destructive mould, mildew and fungi – important triggers for allergic and asthmatic responses, particularly in children.
  • Ultra-Fresh® is a proven antimicrobial compound that has passed the most stringent international testing procedures for efficacy and safety.
  • In fact Ultra-Fresh® has been performance proven in many applications for over forty years.
  • Ultra-Fresh® has been proven effective against all top fifteen bacteria indicated by the Centre for Disease Control.
  • Ultra-Fresh® protection is used in a number of standard foam grades and all Elephant and Enduro foam grades.