Technology & Innovation

Wherever you see the Dunlop Foams brand you can be confident the product is backed by major investment in cutting edge technology, consistent raw material criteria, pride in quality and unrivalled product development and innovation.

We operate two state of the art Maxfoam plants based in Auckland and Christchurch. Our Varimax Foaming Process (VFP) sets the standard for world-class foam manufacture and it provides:

  • Exceptional product consistency and durability with automated, multistage closed-loop control systems to control raw material inputs and process variables.
  • Environmentally responsible manufacturing by converting raw materials into foam at the highest possible yield of kgs input to useable cubic metres output, while consuming the lowest amount of electrical energy per cubic metre of foam produced.
  • Continuous improvement of our products and processes through real time data collection and analysis by our highly skilled and experienced team.

Dunlop has an extensive laboratory facility for research and development and product quality testing. Employing a full testing regime including raw material testing, online production run monitoring, post production testing and long term durability testing, you can be confident Dunlop’s products have met the most stringent quality standards.

CAD operated equipment is utilised for cutting foam and fabrics for high levels of accuracy and repeatability as well as for the production of complex shapes and profiles.