Superior Product Solutions

Unsurpassed product quality, durability and performance combined with technical expertise and innovation enables Dunlop Foam & Fibre to provide total solutions for all your foam, fibre and soft fill requirements. We are your one-stop-shop for comfort solutions with unparalleled product range and leading brands such as Elephant Foam, Enduro, Ecobond, Viscolux, Luxura cushioning and Ergofill.

Depending on the design and final application of your product, we have a wide range of products and processes to manufacture to your specific requirements and specifications.

Our foam conversion capabilities include horizontal splitting, vertical band knife cutting, CAD contour and profile cutting, convoluted (dimpled) profile cutting, die press cutting, bull nose shaping, peeling, laminating and fabrication. We design and manufacture to your specification whether it is an ongoing product or a one off special job.

Our fibre processing capabilities include garnetted fibre, unbonded waddings, thermobonded waddings, and mechanically bonded needle punched fibre. As well as polyester fibre we process a range of natural fibres including wool, silk, and cashmere. Special fibre blends or composite layers can be designed to suit your specific requirements. Soft fills are available in bulk packs for customers to fill their own covers or filled to your specifications in a cushion insert cover for ease of use. Fills available include polyester fibre in blown or balled form, feathers, Ergofill and Ergofeathers. Special soft fills can be developed to suit your specific requirements and our cushion filling facility can design and manufacture soft filled backs, cushion wraps or scatter cushions to meet your exact requirements. Our computer controlled fabric cutting equipment provides consistent and repeatable quality time after time.

Many of our products are available with Ultra-Fresh® protection which is proven to provide effective control of house dust mites as well as inhibit the growth of destructive mould, mildew and fungi.