Environmentally Responsible

Dunlop Foams has a strong commitment to sustainability, and pride ourselves on being an environmentally responsible manufacturer.

  • Local manufacture in worldclass computer controlled Maxfoam facilities
  • No ozone depleting CFCs are used
  • Exceptional product durability
  • Highest possible raw material yields
  • Lowest energy consumption per unit of foam produced
  • Shortest total supply chain from foam manufacture to the end consumer
  • Eco products that contain recycled materials to a level of more than 90%
  • Recycling of 100% of foam offcuts
  • Waterbased glues for fabrication
Our state of the art Maxfoam plants meet all local body environmental regulations and our process uses no CFCs.

The Maxfoam process produces the highest quality, best performing and most durable flexible polyurethane foam possible. It converts raw materials into foam at the highest possible yield while consuming the lowest amount of electrical energy per cubic metre of foam produced.

Only water-based glues are used for fabrication of foam and fibre products making our fabrication process VOC free.

With Maxfoam plants located in Auckland and Christchurch, our foam has the shortest and most fuel efficient total supply chain from foam manufacture through to the product being delivered to the end consumer. The “foam miles” a piece of our foam travels in its life cycle is considerably lower than that of other manufacturers.

We recycle 100% of foam offcuts generated in our own plants along with offcuts collected from our customers and other manufactures and converters both in New Zealand and internationally. More than 90% of the material used to manufacture ECOBOND is recycled foam offcuts reducing the burden on landfill.

We recycle essentially 100% of fibre offcut from our processing plant as well as extensively utilising recycled raw materials.

When purchasing furniture or bedding products ask for New Zealand made products that utilise quality foam, fibre and fills manufactured in New Zealand by Dunlop Foams. You can be confident in the longer lasting durability as well as the environmentally responsible manufacture of these products.